8 Mobile Marketing Apps You Must Try Now

For most companies, having a web presence on the internet is not enough. They need to move beyond their websites and explore other avenues that would help them market their products or services. To meet this demand, mobile app marketing was introduced.

Mobile app marketing is a way of making sure that the products and services that your company offers are made known to a wider population. With most people doing their shopping and conducting business through mobile apps, this is a good way of bringing your products to their attention.

Here are 8 apps that can help you market your growing business.

1- BuzzBundle

BuzzBundle is one of the most downloaded content curation tools for social media marketers and bloggers because it allows them to do their work faster than when they are using other similar tools in the market. It allows a user to search for content from various sites and groups them based on keywords, saving you time when it comes to content curation.

In addition to that, BuzzBundle also has a feature that helps you monitor related conversations in social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook by retrieving tweets about any chosen topic or keywords and filtering them based on their influence and popularity.

2- OneSignal

OneSignal is a push notification tool that enables marketing professionals to send messages and schedule updates directly to the mobile devices of their target market. Unlike other marketing tools, this app can update users without them having to manually check for new messages. They can also receive notifications even when they are not using the app.

OneSignal is considered one of the must-have apps by marketers because it can give your business a push in terms of engagement and conversions. This app has an in-app messaging feature that lets you communicate directly with users and offer incentives to encourage them to avail of your services.

3- SureDone

You may have heard of Shopify but have you heard of SureDone? This app may be small but it can help you with your e-commerce business. This app is an inventory management and order fulfillment tool that helps online retailers improve their customer service and build a better user experience for their customers.

The SureDone app allows users to manage orders, track inventory, and update product information in bulk. Users also do not need to worry about the security of their data because the app has a read-only mode that you can use when you need to make changes in your inventory.

4- Localytics

Localytics is one of the most downloaded marketing apps for mobile and web developers. This tool gives users access to its A/B testing feature where they can choose which version of their app will appear in the target market. This feature enables them to determine what works best for their product, making it easier for them to improve their mobile apps.

Localytics is also known for its real-time data analysis tool which enables marketers to monitor user behavior and make decisions on how they can improve their product.

5- Branch Metrics

Branch Metrics is another must-have app for marketers because it can help them optimize their apps and increase their conversions in a shorter time than when they are using other similar tools in the market. This tool allows users to record user behavior, set triggers that will activate actions when certain events occur, and create links that will direct the user to a specific part of your mobile app.

6- MonkeyChat

If you need an engagement tool for your business, MonkeyChat is the best solution. This chat application enables users to communicate directly with their target market and offers useful features such as emoji responses and GIFs that can help you build better relationships with customers.

In addition to this,  MonkeyChat can be integrated with other marketing apps such as Facebook, Slack, and Zapier which makes it easier for users to manage their conversations.

7- UserVoice

If you need an engagement platform that is easy to use yet effective in terms of getting your target market’s attention, then the UserVoice app is what you are looking for. This app can be used to create polls, collect user feedback, and prioritize the most important ones.

The good thing about Uservoice is that it has options for filtering and assigning the tasks that should be addressed first to your team. This app can also integrate with other apps such as Help Scout, Asana, and SalesForce which makes it easier for marketers to use.

8- GetSocial

GetSocial offers a suite of social media marketing tools that can help you create better content for your target market. This app has a conversation feature that lets you chat and engage with your social media followers without having to leave the app.

This is another effective marketing tool because it can give you insights into how users are reacting to your posts and what types of content they like best. With GetSocial, creating better content for your target market is no longer an issue.

These marketing apps will help you solve common problems that marketers face on social media and in their mobile applications.

Zara Raza is the Head of Marketing at Sunvera Software. She earned her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of California, Irvine, in 2019, and has written several blogs on technology, software, marketing, education, business, and more.


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