Blog designing tips for non-designers

Suppose you are accessing the Internet. You come across a blog where the text is painful to read. The blog’s background is black, and the text is written in dark grey colour. Would you want to stay and read further or navigate away? You would navigate away. Right? If you have a blog or an eCommerce website, but you do not know the intricacies of log designing, this article is for you. You can also contact website design Penang for your website designing needs.

Simple designing tips

Align your text towards the left

If your text is towards the centre, it will become excruciating for the audience to read it. Centred text is most often the reason why audiences leave a specific blog and migrate to another. This increases the bounce rate and causes a reduction in the audience retention time. Therefore, check all your posts and realign each of them to the left side. It is not favourable to opt for justified alignment either. When the post is left-aligned, readers can figure out which line is shorter and which is longer. This helps them identify which section they have to read. In justified alignment, this becomes pretty hard.

Keep links in one colour.

If all your links are in different colours, it will become challenging for the audience to find out which links to opt for. You must make sure that your link is separate from your headings and the text. If your text and your links are the same colour, the audience will not understand which is the link between the two. Check out Web Design Penang for all your designing requirements.

Use headers

Headers are not only good for defining your content, but they are also highly beneficial from an SEO point of view. Having headers is one of the criteria that Google uses for ranking websites. Headings also help you break up vast chunks of text and allow users to quickly scan for the information they are looking for. You must use multiple header types throughout your post to distinguish the details.

Keep reasonable line length.

Do not keep the line length very long. Make sure that you set a margin that agrees with the responsive web design. If your line length is too long, it may interfere with responsive web design, and users may not be able to easily access your posts on multiple screen devices like phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc. A good line length in the case of blog posts is considered to be 100 characters long. Do not go below 50 or over 150.

Short paragraphs

You do not want your audience to get bored while reading one single paragraph. Therefore, you must divide the information into concise bullet points or short sections to not look intimidating to the reader. One way to do this is to write your complete information in one paragraph and then break it into subheadings and separate sections so that it becomes more visually appealing and easier to read.

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