How Do I Send a High-Resolution Video?

There is no doubt that video is one of the most powerful forms of communication and storytelling today. It can be used to engage and connect with audiences in a way that no other medium can – that’s why more businesses are using video content as part of their marketing strategy.

But when it comes to sending high-res videos to people; the higher the resolution, the larger the file. How do you make sure that the video footage is not compromised in any way? In this blog post, we will answer these questions and provide tips for sending high resolution videos through email and online messaging platforms.

How can I ensure that my video is in high resolution before sending it off to the recipient? 

The first step is to make sure your video is in a high-resolution format. Some of the most common file formats for high-resolution videos are H.264, MPEG-II, and Motion JPEG. If you’re not sure which format to use, you can always ask the recipient what their preferred format is.

What are some common file formats that can be used to send high resolution videos through email or online messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger? 

There are a few different ways you can compress your video file without losing any quality. One way is to use a program like Handbrake to compress the file into a smaller size. Another way is to use a file format that is specifically designed for high-resolution videos, like MPEG-II. 

If the recipient does not have a compatible device or software to view the high-resolution video, what can be done to work around this issue without compromising on the quality of the video footage? 

  • Send the video file in a format that is compatible with the recipient’s device or software
  • Use a program like VLC media player, which can play almost any type of video file
  • File sharing platforms like Digital Pigeon may be able to help

Find a system that works best for your business (and your clients)

Sending a high-resolution video doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these tips, you can ensure that your video arrives in the highest quality possible. 


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