How to make Excel Sheets on Mobile Phones.

Have you ever wondered how to create an Excel sheet on a mobile device? You are in the proper location. Here is a step-by-step manual to assist you. Do check out


  • Unlock your workbook first, then launch the spreadsheet with the information you need.
  • Pick the data you wish to include in the chart.
  • Click “Insert” on the Android tablet or phone to begin.
  • On your Android device, select Edit, then “Home,” and finally “Insert.”
  • If “recommend” is clicked, Excel will suggest charts for your information.
  • You can click on the chart designs to check how your data appears in them after looking at the chart designs.

Note: If you can’t locate the chart design you want, click “Chart” under the “insert” tab to discover one that suits your needs.

When you select the necessary design, the Chart tab opens.

  • This will make it easier for you to use this tab to view and select several types of chart formats, layouts with legends, colour schemes, and certain chart components. Additionally, you can use the Switch option to examine other perspectives of your knowledge.
  • To view the menu, click the graph. It can be cut, copied, and pasted wherever you’d like. Either delete it or drag it to the proper spot on the spreadsheet are options.


  • Within a cell, lines and paragraphs can be created. Simply click the blue cursor and choose “new line” to do this. When you are finished, press the green checkmark.
  • To swiftly sum all the numbers, choose AutoSum. Simply click “Formulas,” then “Autosum” and “Sum.”
  • Use filters to sort your data when you want to organise it. Filters can be used to sort data either numerically or alphabetically.
  • Using the touch screen on your Android phone or tablet, you may easily draw on a spreadsheet and highlight important information. Simply choose “Draw” to draw lines, circles, and other shapes.
  • Instantaneously upload images to your Excel spreadsheet. After selecting Insert > Pictures > Camera, select the location on the spreadsheet where the image should appear.
  • Your data can be protected from alterations using a variety of strategies. A simple fix is to turn it into a picture that cannot be edited. Copying the data and pasting it as an image somewhere else in your spreadsheet is all that is required.
  • You don’t have to exit the Excel app for Android when you need to do some research. Finding facts, explanations, historical information, and other resources is simple when you use Smart Lookup.
  • You want to visualise your data, but where do you begin? When you need assistance creating charts, use the suggested charts to choose the best strategy.


  • Data is now ten times more readily available thanks to the exponential rise in mobile bias.
  • On the mobile bias, we can view all the information that is relevant to any field, such as the recurring growth of an association, the number of employees who joined last month, etc.
  • Although it becomes largely worthless when we need to share the pertinent facts with the operation or others, presenting the data on a mobile operation is still useful. This is where exporting data is useful and is evident in all mobile operations.


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