What Social Listening Tools Can Do For Your Business

Social media has been around for a while now, and it’s time to take them seriously. This article will talk about how social listening tools can help you with your business. The power of the internet is in its ability to connect people from all over the world – that includes businesses. These tools allow you to do just that by providing insights into what customers are saying about your company, products or services on various social channels. With these insights, you’ll be able to anticipate customer needs better than ever before and grow your customer base faster than ever before.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening entails monitoring what people are saying on social media networks so you can gain insights into their perceptions, thoughts and feelings about your business. This information helps better and prompt decisions by using data-driven research rather than gut feeling alone.

Social Listening Tools

These Tools allow businesses to monitor conversations surrounding critical terms related to them or their products, whether negative feedback from unhappy customers or positive mentions that they would like to take advantage of for promotional purposes.

Some examples could be:

  • posts that mention how much someone loves a product,
  • when something isn’t working as expected,
  • when there’s been an outage with service

The possibilities are endless when tracking keywords relevant to your business! You can also monitor keywords that are not directly related to your business but may impact it.

Other tools help track sentiment around these comments by analyzing their emotional content, which helps determine whether they’re positive or negative toward the company/product/service being discussed. This allows businesses to see what aspects of their organization need improvement based on real data rather than just vague customer satisfaction ratings that aren’t specific.

What are the Benefits of Social Listening

Timeliness: Tracking conversations in real-time allows you to take advantage of changing situations and opportunities much faster than if you were not using these tools.

Decision Making Tools: By analysing sentiment around posts that mention your company or the products/services it offers, you have a better idea of what customers think about them, which will help make decisions based upon data rather than hunches. This can save time and money.

Improved Customer Service: You’ll be able to provide service before the customer even comes looking for it by anticipating their needs ahead of time with data obtained through Listening Tools. That’s another way businesses can gain loyalty from existing customers while attracting new ones too.

Improved Reputation: With the power of Social Listening Tools, you can monitor what people are saying about your company/products/services on social media networks. Monitoring these conversations will allow you to address problems before they become bigger issues that could negatively impact your business’ reputation.

Growth Opportunities: You can track keywords relevant to not just your business but also those tangentially related as well by using Listening Tools. This gives businesses more opportunities than ever for growth and expansion based on direct needs from customers rather than guesswork alone.

How to monitor your Business through Social Listening Tools

Number of posts that are being shared about your brand or company,

A huge number of posts means there are a lot of people talking about your brand. This is great, but it can also be overwhelming, especially if there’s negative sentiment in the posts.

Suppose you notice many posts containing positive or neutral sentiment toward your business/brand. In that case, this could mean that customers are happy with their experiences and want to share them on social media. Use these conversations as an opportunity for promotional activities by highlighting customer satisfaction through Social Listening Tools.

A small number of mentions means that not many people generally talk about your company online, which may indicate room for improvement in terms of growing awareness around what you offer so they have more opportunities to do so!

How often they’re being talked about on social media networks,

If you notice a lot of activity around your business/brand, it could be due to a specific campaign or promotion, so monitor the conversations closely. Also, look for any negative feedback as this will help improve future campaigns and initiatives by learning from mistakes made during past ones.

If there’s been little conversation about your company, then people may not have much awareness regarding what it offers, which is why they’re not talking about it online. To generate more buzz around your brand that leads to increased word-of-mouth marketing, use tools that analyze sentiment in posts mentioning your organization/products/services because these are great indicators of how customers feel toward them.

Who specifically is talking about them.

You may want to keep an eye on only the biggest influencers in your industry or perhaps track specific customer segments rather than just anyone mentioning you. You can use tools capable of filtering out people talking about your business based on multiple parameters, so you know who specifically is being talked about online and how they feel toward them.

Rather than monitoring all mentions for feedback, filter them according to what’s most relevant so it’ll be more manageable instead of overwhelming with information overload.

Number of posts containing positive/neutral/negative sentiments,

The positive sentiment means customers are happy – this is great news, but it could also mean nothing negative is said, which might not always be a clear picture.

Other aspects to consider include;

  • Number of mentions for specific keywords relevant to your business
  • Frequency in which a keyword appears over time
  • Specific users/Influencers responsible for most posts mentioning this keyword

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