Why it is important to block websites at the workplace?

Often, businesses find employees to spend lots of time online shopping or on being active on different social media platforms during work hours. This affects overall productivity while costing money to the business. Employees are required to access the web to perform their daily tasks, research on relevant topics, increase efficiency, etc. But there is no point in giving unlimited website access to employees at the workplace. https://www.workexaminer.com can provide a viable solution to tackling such workplace related issues.

Identifying sites to be blocked at the workplace

The net generally provides employees access to millions of sites that could distract them from their work. It can be eCommerce, social media sites, gaming, etc. Browsing such unproductive sites would only mean wasting their precious work time and not being able to complete the assigned tasks within the deadline. According to reports, millennial are found to spend about 1.8 hours browsing such sites. Site traffic generally peaks between 2-6pm during working hours. It is the employer who is at a loss.

Hence, it becomes important to block sites like YouTube, Facebook, eBay, Reddit, etc. This way, employee productivity can be encouraged and make business more efficient.

Can site blocking improve employee productivity?

Blocking sites does have a positive impact upon individual employee productivity. Businesses should block ‘time-wasting’ sites, something that make the employees to feel addicted to it. By blocking these sites, employees will not have access to them and will have no other option but to focus on their tasks. The blog post can give a better idea on how to improve employee-workplace productivity.

Should businesses restrict employee internet access?

If internet access is restricted, then there perhaps develops a repressive kind of work environment that can be detrimental to employee morale and confidence. Rather, it will be useful to introduce a flexible approach.

Internet access should be allowed, however after blocking Chrome sites and inappropriate sites. Although a challenging task, it ensures that the employees focus on their respective tasks and not get distracted in any manner. This, in turn, improves overall employee and workplace productivity.

Employers should provide access to those sites that they desire their employees to access. Internet usage should be effective and productive. For instance, block adult content sites, social media sites, gambling sites along with those that can be dangerous and harmful.

Hence, to block websites, it is necessary to invest in a good software tool that plays its intended role effectively and efficiently.


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