Why Label Verification has Become Important?

Label verification has become very important ever since the creation and tagging of labels on products. Checking the labels and verifying them ensures that the supply chain is running smoothly. Any problem in the verification process can stop the entire chain of goods movement further. But for a smooth verification process, you also need to have a flawless verification system. So how would you pick that? 

Before picking a label verification system, you should know certain important aspects and how they can impact your entire operations.

Which approach will be right for you?

The main point that needs your consideration here is which system would you want to pick for your daily operations. Do you need an all-in-one label verification system, or do you want to source the components individually? You can also assemble the parts to create an original system all by yourself. 

The all-in-one systems

This is the most convenient solution that is sought-after by most businesses. The end users get the freedom to use the ready-to-deploy system. But at the borderline, the business should understand their needs before getting any system. You need to assess the margins of errors that you can afford to have and the speed your business line runs on. Will the system you are purchasing now be compatible with all lines of your business, or will it suffice only a few of them? All these things are needed to be considered.

The custom verification system

For having a custom verification system, you need to compile multiple parts and components to get to your solution. A lot of things are involved in it, which you will gradually understand.

What methods will be used?

The on-line and off-line label verification can be used to prevent the penalties. One can use either the auto coding or the machine vision methods.

On-line label verification

This is the method where the vision system can be implemented physically on the production line. This will check the labels of the products as they will pass through the conveyor belts.

Off-line label verification

This process is the quality assurance process where random product inspections are carried out. Under it, a pack will be randomly placed under the static vision system, where it will be checked for the quality of both the 100th and the 1000th pack.

Now all your warehouse issues and verification problems can be easily resolved with the help of TSC label verifier.


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