Yealink T43U: The Best VoIP Phone

What is a Yealink Phone?

One of the leading players in the office phone market is Yealink. They produce high-tech VoIP devices and communication terminals such as Yealink headsets, Ip phones, video conferencing systems, and conference phones. Its focus is to simplify business communication and providethe highest level of reliability and security. Yealink phones feature high-quality audio and high-definition video and offer easy provisioning and deployment. 

Yealink T43U

The Yealink T43Uphone is an excellent choice for small and large businesses. It offers functionality and customization, making it an ideal choice for a business phone. This phone is not only functional but also looks great. While many modern phones lack phone functionality, the Yealink T43U offers many features that many businesses will find helpful.

You can customize the product quickly and expand it to your liking.

The T43U comes with two USB ports. It is your right-hand person in the office. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi headset, USB recording, and Bluetooth are all possible through the T43U. You can also use one or both USB ports to enhance your phone’s features. The phone has three pages of buttons that can be programmed using 21 DSS keys. It can also connect to up to three expansion modules for additional controls, up to 180 switches, and a screen-based LCD or LED system.

Secure transport and interoperability

Yealink T4U series uses SIP Over Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL), the most recent network security technology. It is compatible with the top soft switch suppliers like Broadsoft Broadworks and 3CX. It also comes with dual firmware icons that provide enterprise-level protection, so you can avoid any system bricking if your upgrade fails.

Features of Yealink T4U 

  • 3.7-inch screen
  • Optima HD Voice
  • Dual USB Ports
  • Expansion Model 
  • Acoustic Shield
  • Efficient Deployment and Management

For more information about the Yealink phones or to upgrade your team phone headset, visit or contact them at 1300 769 640 to learn more about their services.


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