Zonbase Review

zonbase helps you find keywords to boost your sales

ZonBase is the all-in-one one stop shop for serious Amazon sellers who need the most powerful, most accurate tools to Dominate Amazon. zonbase helps amazon sellers to grow their business with automated tools and insights that simplify every step of the Amazon selling process. The zonbase Chrome Extension gives you instant access from any webpage on the internet to important information about products that can help you make more money selling on Amazon.

Find your first or next winning product on amazon

zonbase is a all in one amazon fba seller tool

zonbase Your all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon

Amazon sellers of every size count on zonbase to successfully grow their business

Use zonbase to make data-driven decisions and build a profitable business on Amazon

With zonbase you can Discover what products are in demand

14 Amazing Tools in one bashboard

A quick zonbase review

In 2021 more than 450,000 people signed up to sell on Amazon.

With the popularization of e-commerce and people’s increasing reliance on amazon, it only makes sense that many people want to sell on this platform.

But not everyone has the capability nor the technical knowledge to start selling on Amazon.

There are many steps you have to take before you can launch your product. From deciding on the best possible products to sell, optimizing your listing for higher placement in organic results, it takes a lot of time to learn the ropes when it comes to selling on Amazon.

That’s where Zonbase comes in. An affordable yet effective tool that helps you grow your business faster. 

Zonbase is voted as the “number one most accurate and best-value software” today because it specializes in providing easy-to-use and accessible tools for AMZ sellers to help them get ahead of the competition. With zonbase doing mundane tasks like product research and keyword listing optimization is now easier!

The Hot Products tool filters through AMZ’s database and displays the most-gifted products. You can also filter by category, subcategory, and even Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR).

The Chrome Extension is another neat feature that allows you to see important product metrics without having to go through the trouble of manually entering them into a spreadsheet.

Imagine being able to see the average monthly revenue of all the products displayed on page one of any search result on Amazon.

The Chrome Extension does exactly that. The Chrome Extension displays the averages of the products on page one. average monthly revenue, average monthly units sold, average unit price, and average reviews.

The Zonbase software suite comes in three different packages: Starter, Standard, and Premium.

The Starter package gives you access to Zonresearch and Zonbase Chrome Extension only. This is suitable for people who are trying out Zonbase for the first time or don’t want to spend too much money upfront.

This package allows you to do unlimited product searches inside AMZ’s database with Zonresearch. It also lets you see average annual sales data, BSRs, average prices, and more with their Chrome Extension


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